Spoony! The star student at Vienna University

Guten Tag! How may I help you ?

Spotted in Vienna, Austria. We were treated by Diesel to a very fancy dinner which we found absolutely inedible (we’re just not much for fancy food). Loafing the streets, hungry at 10pm (this is really late for Vienna) we landed up at a cafe in the University. The only place still serving food.

We were greeted by this wonderful character who served our dinner to us. He was very kind and the sandwiches he made were delicious!

His name was Spoony.

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  • But what did you eat?

    • Ashray Says

      Delicious ham, cheese and tomato sandwich

      We ate these absolutely delicious Ham, Cheese, and Tomato sandwiches with coffee. And if you mean what Diesel fed us at the fancy dinner, well it was some very strange raw fish and the cheek of a cow slow roasted over 10 years and some other really interesting ‘small’ food. :D

  • Steven Devitt Says

    What is the weather like in May .I will be on a river cruise of the Danube

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