Grandma enjoys a good dip

When we visited Volcano Arenal, in Costa Rica, we knew we had to go to one of the famous hot springs. There are several places you can go to dip yourself in the warm waters heated up by the volcano’s power. Depending on the flexibility of your budget, you might choose between places that cost around USD20 up to more than USD100 for a few hours or full day use.

The most expensive hot spring resort in town is Tabacon, which is a Spa Hotel that includes man made pools that are filled with the naturally warm water. Right across the road from Tabacon, the exclusive dip for the rich and the famous, exists the lovely and popular Tabaconcito. Tabaconcito is set in Nature, and there is nothing more exclusive than that! Natural, healthy, lots of fun and… 100% free!

We visited on a Sunday, the most popular day when locals head to Tabaconcito to wash their worries away in the hot water that goes down the rocky stream. There, we saw this Grandma that was with her whole family but, quite clearly, was lost in her own thoughts. She didn’t have a male companion her age. As she looks up to the sky I wonder if she was thinking something along the lines “I remember when I was younger and I used to come here with my husband…

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  • Wow! Maybe we should go there next summer with my family! We love going on hot springs. We have tried Hidden Valley Laguna in the Philippines. It was lovely and relaxing. Have you ever visited the Philippines too?

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