Achiote Restaurant in Quito, Ecuador

Getting into Ecuadorian food at Achiote, Quito

While traveling it is very common to miss things you are used to at home, particularly food. Whenever we have a chance to eat Indian food, we go for it… but unfortunately this hasn’t happened since Costa Rica, which was already more than a month and a half back!

We heard that there is a good Indian restaurant in Quito, and so we made our Sunday pilgrimage, just to arrive and find that the place was packed and there were people waiting in line for a table. We were so hungry that decided to leave the spiciness for later and I am glad we did so! Walking around the same area in La Mariscal we found Achiote, a restaurant offering original recipes of Ecuadorian food with a gourmet twist.

Delicious chocolate rice

Delicious chocolate rice


At Achiote I had one of the most eclectic meals I have ever had during our travels: chicken and avocado ceviche in passion fruit sauce, served with banana chips, fried corn and chocolate rice. This does sound like a mix of many different flavors, doesn’t it? And it sure was… I truly enjoyed savoring such a combination, but I must say that you need to be in one of those “I am eager to experiment” modes to enjoy this tangy-rich-sweet dish.

The entrance to Achiote

The entrance to Achiote

Ceviche is a very common preparation in coastal regions of Latin America, typically being made of seafood marinated in citric juices. At Achiote, they take ceviche to a whole new level: options include seafood, chicken, vegetables and you get to choose your marination, ranging from the traditional citrus juices to the passion fruit version that I went for.

Achiote is full of natural light

Achiote is full of natural light


Who would have thought that chicken and avocado swimming in passion fruit could taste so good? The fried corn and banana chips are a perfect compliment to the tangy feel, smoothing your mouth in between bites. And talking about smooth… let me tell you about that chocolate rice! What a delicious thing! You would have thought it tasted like desert and, therefore, could be odd with a mainly savory dish, but the truth is that although is has a strong aroma of chocolate, the flavor of this preparation is mildly sweet and has such a particularly appealing taste.

Deliciosos bunuelos con miel de guayaba

Deliciosos bunuelos con miel de guayaba


Whenever I have a great meal I, need desert!


If a restaurant is making you happy, why not let it make you happy all the way? And so we end this meal on a rainy day with a warm desert of Bunuelos (fried sweet dough) in guava sauce. So comforting!

Achiote’s menu is varied and takes an original approach to Ecuadorian cuisine – I wouldn’t dare to try the roasted guinea pig though. The decoration is simple but very pleasant and the service is extremely attentive. My favorite feature of this restaurant (apart from the great food, that is) would have to be the fact that its walls are glass and you can enjoy your food while watching the world outside.


This is the way to go: enjoy Ecuadorian flavors while watching Ecuadorians pass by and immerse yourself in a world where new things keep on coming your way!
Get there!
Juan Rodriguez 282 y Reina Victoria, Quito 593 (Ecuador)
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  • We were glad to read your opinions about our restaurant, your comments motivate us to remain growing and improving every day, we hope to see you again soon!

    Sincerily Kurt

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