Village by Wadi Ghul in Oman

Go off-road!

Some years ago, we did a road trip in Oman. Actually, that was our very first trip abroad together and you can watch a video of those adventures here.

We took a 4×4 and decided to make the roads and off-roads of this Middle Eastern country our own. Apart from following boards and maps guiding us towards specific landmarks, on one of the days, we thought we’d just go with the flow and get our wheels rolling off the beaten path.

And that’s how we end up in a village by Wadi Ghul. This is an impressive canyon and we came to learn later that it is often referred to as “The Grand Canyon of Oman”.

As grand as the landscape was, the most memorable thing from that day was driving by a village in the middle of nowhere. NOWHERE. With about 3 houses and very less inhabitants, we soon got to meet almost everyone in the neighborhood. Living in the most adverse of conditions, by the edge of this massive cliff, were this absolutely friendly kids who were thrilled to play around with our photo and video camera. We let them experiment, and this is one of the results:

Smiling kid in Wadi Ghul, Oman

A selfie by a smiling kid in Wadi Ghul, Oman


Go off-road!

Some of the most genuine smiles are found there.

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