Mango Lolly!

Fresh mango on a stick, lollypop style!

Adults are always trying to come up with new ways of seducing kids into enjoying fruits and veggies. Well, in Mexico I think they have that covered, as they enjoy mangoes on the coolest on-the-go way I have ever seen: on a stick!

They peel it for you, cut it nicely in pieces still attached to the main fruit and place it on a stick so that is easy to enjoy without getting your hands dirty. But not before you give this sweet tasty fruit some Mexican character: some lemon juice and chilly sprinkles are needed to give that extra kick. It wouldn’t be this country otherwise, would it?!


Mango on a stick... after!

Mango on a stick… after!


Yummy, funny, healthy treat for 15 pesos!

(about USD1)


Mangoes vending cart

Mangoes vending cart

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