Chimborazo Volcano in Ecuador

For the love of ROAD TRIPS!

If you’ve been following Backpack ME for a while, you’d know we LOVE road-trips!

We’ve cruised around the Western part of the USA in a massive SUV. Visited mountain tops in Northern Thailand on top of a bike. Drove along the olive tree landscapes of Southern Spain. And beach-hopped in Goa with a rented scooter.

In South America, we often took rides at the back of pick-up trucks and gazed at landscapes as beautiful as this one in Ecuador! Locals were always friendly enough to let us hop in and we would take photos on top of the moving vehicles – just like this one featuring a famous volcano called Chimborazo. Our butts where sometimes sore from the bumpy roads. But the excitement of living a new adventure would always make up for it!

This is what happens when you start traveling: the more you do it, the more you still have left to do!

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