Hard Boiled Convenience in the US

A new reality show idea..

Extreme Convenience! You could show how different people make their lives more and more convenient without regard for the environment or even the health effects that come with that. One friend mentioned a fridge that self-ordered groceries when supplies were running low. Your fridge would place the order online, an Amazon drone could deliver your groceries to your door and eventually your robot could stock up the fridge. When you get home, you can reach in for that yoghurt you’re craving so badly!

I think the US is the most convenience driven market that I have ever seen! Productivity is on everyone’s mind. So why waste any time, energy, or effort on menial tasks like boiling and peeling eggs? It’s the perfect place for entrepreneurs though and that does make me more than a little jealous. Do you have an idea that could improve consumer convenience by 0.01%? You could be rich!

I personally enjoy cracking a good egg on the edge of a dining table after being mesmerized by it bobbing up and down in a pan with water. There’s something so satisfying about that CRACK! followed by some frantic peeling to get to all the eggy goodness within. OM NOM NOM and all.

I think that people in very few markets around the world consider themselves busy enough to fork over cash for this kind of convenience. Perhaps they don’t consider themselves rich enough either. But I could be wrong, what do you think?

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  • OMG… ready to eat hard boiled eggs? That’s a thing?!?! I was shocked when scrambled eggs in a carton arrived in Australia a few years ago…

    • Zara Says

      Yeah, we saw those in the USA too. Already beaten eggs inside a carton just like the milk one. They were called “egg beaters”… ’cause, you know, breaking the eggs yourself is such a HUGE task!! :P

  • That makes me feel a little bit sick… Why?!

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  • Self-ordering fridges are the future, even here in the UK. The whole concept is starting with the idea of ‘SMART Meters’ – electric/gas meters that are intelligent enough to both feed back meter reads to the supplier, but also will soon be able to be integrated, along with the rest of the house, with wi-fi/smartphone technology that will allow people to turn the heating up at home while they’re still at work so that when they reach home, the house is already warm. Connecting it all into fridges, cookers, televisions, etc is merely the next logical step. Even curtains – so even when you’re backpacking around SE Asia for 3 weeks you can still make it seem you’re at home by turning lights on, closing curtains, and playing your home hi-fi system all from your phone or a web connection far far away!

    Whether this is all A Good Thing or not, hah the jury’s still out on that one …

    As for ready-to-eat hard-boiled eggs … I’m still flustered by the fact you can get (and have been able to for quite some time) packets of ready-chopped onions and pre-mashed potato (not mashed potato powder, actually ready-mashed potato!), amongst other things. You can also buy ‘full english breakast’ (egg, sausage, bacon etc) in a tin. The mind truly boggles …

    • Zara Says

      Oh boy.. that full English breakfast in a can does NOT sound good. Everything will end up tasting like the baked beans sauce, no?!

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