Everyday Sushi, Santiago de Chile

Everyday: hands down, my favorite restaurant in Santiago!

After staying in Santiago de Chile for 5 weeks my favorite restaurant in the Chilean capital is a Korean & Japanese inspired place. Go figure!

Traveling in Latin America I have really developed a taste for Asian cuisine. I know this might sound weird, but what I really mean to say is that I have been missing Asian flavors so much that it’s one of those cliche situations when “you don’t know what you have until you loose it”. We have eaten Chinese here and there in Ecuador and even Japanese in Brazil, but it’s never been the same as the Asian feasts we were used to back in Dubai.

Udon soup

Udon soup


And so I was a happy woman when we came across Everyday, in Calle Merced, Santiago. Offering mostly sushi, Everyday’s menu extends to ramen, udon soups, and a variety of other entrees made to order and adjusted to your level of spice tolerance. Low for me, high for Ashray, please!

Tonkatzu Dop Bap

Tonkatzu Dop Bap


The food is extremely tasty, so comforting on those rainy Santiago days, in a simple but lovely set up with a big window that keeps you connected to the world outside.

Spicy Ramen soup

Spicy Ramen soup


I am not a sushi fan in general but I decided to take my palate on an experimental voyage and taste some hosomaki and nigiri rolls. Verdict: it’s actually pretty good! It’s funny that I came to such a place to develop a taste for sushi, but this is what traveling is actually all about: expanding your horizons for every single one of your senses.

Everyday: sponsoring the day when we felt a little closer to Asia… in South of America!

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