Quaint streets in Ho Chi Minh City

Enchanting Ho Chi Minh streets

Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam is always abuzz with activity and motorbikes everywhere. The confusion and chaos present on the streets rivals Chandni Chowk in New Delhi. But it takes stepping out of the busy main streets to end up in a parallel world where life is relaxed, quiet, and textured.

We walked around this city for hours ducking in and out of the busy main streets into quiet alleys where life moves at a totally different pace. We stopped to take in a picturesque moment with colorful clothes hung out to dry on a quiet street and a ladder that seemingly went nowhere.

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  • Akash Purohit Says

    Hi im planning to visit vietnam this year. since this will be first time i will be all alon myself so i would like to get some tips from starting to india to vietnam

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