Stray dogs in Chile

Dogs in Chile are something else!

There is a very strange phenomenon that takes place with street dogs in Chile. Firstly, Chile has the largest number of street dogs we’ve seen in all of South America. Secondly, they love making friends!

There’ve been numerous occasions when we’re walking around that a furry friend will take a liking to us and stick with us for the next few hours. This fella walked around all over Valdivia with us. He was a pretty good guide until another set of people attracted his attention and he took off! Still, we had a wonderful 2 hours with him guiding us through the ins and outs of Valdivia :D

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  • I have heard a lot of people talk about how friendly and well kept the strays are in Santiago. I didn’t notice it up North. I guess another reason to go back to Chile.

    • Zara Says

      Not only in Santiago, ALL over Chile!
      Right now we are in San Pedro de Atacama and some even call it San Perro (dog) de Atacama as the doggies take over the streets!! :P

  • Silvia Says

    Beautiful! I loved my time in San Pedro and the Atacama desert. I trelevad from Arica towards Santiago and stopped at many places to just soak in the beauty of the landscape. My chilean friends told me I would love the South, but I loved the North, especially because it was so different from home. The South looks like the Black Forrest ;-)I loved the North for the uniqueness, for the colors, for the people and for the llamas! Awesome shooting!

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