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Do you want to receive a postcard from the end of the world?

The Christmas spirit has arrived way earlier this year at Backpack ME! It’s probably because we’re covered in snow all the way to our heads or just that we’re good folks at heart, but we are in the mood to share the love with you!

If you’ve been following our daily updates on Piggy- back ride with A&Z Facebook page, you know by now that we are in the Antarctic region of Chile, in the very South, where it’s freezing but so incredibly beautiful! In a few days we will be heading to Puerto Williams, which is the Southermost town in the whole wide world!

After 9 months of traveling full-time, we’re approaching “the end of the world”! And we want to celebrate this landmark with you!


If you want to receive a postcard from “the end of the world” send us a message with your address to our Piggy inbox (on Facebook or here on Backpack ME).


And drop us a comment below! Let us know what you’re up to as well and if you’re traveling or planing to sometime soon!

Greetings from the end of the world!


EDIT @ 15th July:

Well, well… Traveling is a world of surprises and, this time, we had to experience an annoying one. The lady at Aerovias Gap (the only company that flies where we wanted to go, Puerto Williams) messed our booking and now we DO NOT have a flight to Puerto Williams. Long story short, we will still be sending postcards, but from Punta Arenas instead (200Km difference, still pretty close to “the end of the world”) – same lovin’ involved, no worries!

We have already collected a ton of addresses sent to us via Facebook… If you didn’t send yours yet, do it ASAP! We’ll be around for 2 more days only!


EDIT @ 24th August:

So, after more than a month, our postcards started arriving to all corners of the world!

Here are some of our Piggy-back riders and their paper piece of love sent from “the end of the world”:


Paolo in Italy

Paolo in Italy


Risha in New Zealand

Risha in New Zealand


Ayush, in India

Ayush, in India


Maria in Lebanon

Maria in Lebanon


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  • Jerry Pfau Says

    I have a little 6th grade friend who is in the middle of a school project to receive postcards from around the world. I think it would make her day if you were to send one! I understand if you can’t but she would just light up. The project goes until Dec. 21st this year. Thank you so much in advance.

    6th Grade Kilauea Team-Allison Bonifacio
    Mountain View Middle School
    17500 Southwest Farmington Rd.
    Aloha, OR 97007

  • Andy Says

    I’d always be happy to receive a postcard from the end of the world, but that looks realllly cold! Y’all bundle up.


    No se en donde estaran Vds. ahora,pero les agradeceria en el alma una postal de puerto Williams en la isla Navarino en donde tuve la suerte de estar en diciembre de 2007. Colecciono postales de zonas articas y antarticas
    Muchas gracias y un cordial saludo.
    Mi direccion postal: GUILLERMO PASTORIZA
    c/ FUENTE DEL HIERRO, 27 – 9º A
    31007 PAMPLON – ESPAÑA

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