Colorful Havana Houses

Colorful Havana

Traveling around Latin America has truly made me wonder how the rest of the world lives without vibrantly colored buildings. In most city centers, be they in Mexico, Cuba, or Brazil – you will find buildings in a multitude of colors.

Why live in grays when you can live in technicolor?

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  • Hayley Says

    I love your last comment, which is so true. I can’t wait to get over there next year and discover the “technicolour dream”. We are just a bit dull here in Australia!
    Great blog by the way, I love reading along :)

  • Hrisheet Says

    Hi Ashray and Zara. I stumbled onto your blog while looking for visa info – what else ! And am hooked. Love the way you guys write. Can’t wait to read more once I get to a proper computer
    I’m currently reading off a mobile phone screen from a ship anchored off the coast on rather poor signal ( that’s my workplace :) )
    One question for Ashray. Does visiting Cuba affect your US visa in any way ? Do US ImmigrTion say anything. I really want to visit Cuba , but I can’t let it affect my visa as that going to kill my job.
    Also did a tourist card do the trick or did you have to get a visa ? I couldn’t find Cuban visa info on your site. Unless I’ve missed it.
    Thanks and Safe Travels

    • Ashray Says

      Hey there! We do actually have a Cuba visa article. In any case they don’t stamp your passport and US immigration doesn’t care.

  • Hrisheet Says

    Thanks for the response. Found the Visa info too. Cheers.

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