Best Places for Digital Nomads in Antigua Guatemala


Antigua is the most touristic spot in Guatemala. Apart from receiving a lot of short term visitors, the city is also a hot spot for expats, folks who wants to learn Spanish and digital nomads.

Antigua is affordable by international standards, even though it is considerably pricier than the rest of Guatemala. The prices, the mild weather all year long, the stunning surroundings and the mix between all things Guatemalan and foreign, make Antigua an appealing place for digital nomads.

During my month long stay in Antigua, I spent some time working in different places. This guide aims to share with you some of the best places for remote workers in Antigua.

If you plan to make Antigua your base for a while, I strongly suggest renting an apartment with WIFI. If you rent via Airbnb in the distance, make sure you inquire about the WIFI connectivity. Make sure your host sends you a screenshot that clearly shows the download and upload speeds. If your host doesn’t know how to do that, you can suggest and indicate how a screenshot can easily be shared. If you decide to rent once in the city, there are many rental listings available at local businesses, such as cafes and bakeries. Simply visit the place you intend to rent before you commit, and test the internet speed yourself.

Even if you work from home, it’s only normal that you may want to go out and have a change of scene every now and then. For those days, or if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to work at home at all, I have included here my list of suggested places where you can work from in Antigua. These aren’t just spots with decent WIFI, but also with easy access to plug points, a good amount of natural light, on-site bathroom and, over all, a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere where one could actually be productive.


In no particular other, these are the best places for digital nomads in Antigua Guatemala:

Paid Co-Working Space

There is only one co-working space in Antigua, so this one is a no-brainer.


Impact Hub

Impact Hub co-working space in Antigua Guatemala

Impact Hub co-working space in Antigua Guatemala

If you are looking forward to connecting with local entrepreneurs and other digital nomads spending time in the city, this is definitely your best bet. Time wise, there is no minimum commitment to work from Impact Hub. You could pay for a day, for a month, or even for several months, enjoying a little discount.

Like most things in Antigua, Impact Hub is set in an old colonial house with a really pretty courtyard. There are a variety of places where you can work. Divided across different indoor rooms, you’ll find communal tables with individual office chairs, as well as individual desks (for permanent members). Outdoors, there are also a few individual tables with office chairs, as well as cafe style tables and metallic chairs, not ideal to sit at to work, but OK for a small break or meeting. If you want to chill, there are hanging seats and fluffy couches too. On the second floor, there are some permanent offices that can also be rented out.

Naturally, there are plug points near most seats, as well as in the meeting rooms and the “phone room”, which you can make your calls from in a more private setting.

There’s a communal table where it’s common to see people prepare their own lunch. There is a microwave, small oven and juicer for every one to use. You can also enjoy tea, coffee, milk and filtered water all day, on the house.

The 10MB WIFI has good reach all over the space, including the rooftop with volcano views. The office also has a printer and scanner, and usage of these amenities is included in the fee you pay.

The main reason one would come to Impact Hub Antigua to work from is the lack of distractions that only a place where everyone is at to work can offer, and to feel that you are a part of a community of thinkers and doers.

Things can also get pretty social around Impact Hub. Apart from collaborations among different residents and visitors (working on everything from dermatology, education, photography to NGOs), there are activities such as social hour and yoga classes to keep things interesting.

You can request a free trial day to check out Impact Hub Antigua for yourself here.

Speed test at Impact Hub Antigua Guatemala

Speed test at Impact Hub Antigua Guatemala

Where: 1a Av. Norte #12A
Prices: USD10 per day; USD50 for 6 days or USD75 for 12 days. Monthly fee starts at USD88 + VAT for flex desk and USD132 + VAT for fixed desk
Timings: 8AM to 7PM Monday to Friday, 8AM to 2PM on Saturday
Goodies: free tea, coffee and filtered water
More info:

Cafes With Free WIFI

Antigua has a never ending scene of cafes, bars and restaurants. Most of them offer free WIFI these days. Here, I have included places where you could simply order a cup of coffee and sit down for a while, without feeling pressured to order food.

For me, these are the best cafes for digital nomads in Antigua Guatemala:

Bella Vista Coffee

The rooftop of Cafe Vella Vista, with Agua volcano in the distance

The rooftop of Cafe Bella Vista, with the Agua volcano in the distance

What an incredible place to work from! On clear days, the views from BVC’s rooftop are simply magnificent, as you get to see 3 of the volcanoes that surround Antigua. Considering how privileged the location of this cafe is, it’s surprisingly peaceful too.

The actual cafe is on the ground floor. There is a counter you could sit at, or a big communal table that could accommodate around 8 people comfortably. This table is tucked between BVC’s coffee, a counter selling hardware items, and a couple of isles with wines for sale. Here, you’ll also find a small internet cafe with its own computers. This could come in handy even if you have your own laptop, if you for instance need to do some print-outs.

The main seating area of the cafe is actually on the 3rd floor. There, you’ll find indoor seating as well as outdoor tables and couches, both directly under the sun and in the shade. The breeze up here makes it very pleasant to stick around.

The coffee served is top-notch, and a few small bites are also available: biscuits, cakes, pastries, etc.

The internet connection is good even on the rooftop and there are some plug points too.

They play some chilled out music in the background, which is not too low or too loud. To listen to BVC’s exact playlist on Spotify, type BELLAVISTA.COFFEE inside the app.

Bella Vista Coffee is a pretty inspiring place to work from, as long as you don’t get too distracted with the views. From up above, you can also listen to the sounds of the city in the distance: schools, the odd vehicle passing by, some chatting… Over all, this place allows you to enjoy some of the greatest things about Antigua Guatemala, while still getting some work done!

Speed test at the rooftop of Bella Vista Coffee in Antigua

Speed test at the rooftop of Bella Vista Coffee in Antigua

Where: 6a Av. Norte #1
Prices: coffee starts at Q10 (USD1.3)
Timings: 7AM to 7PM Monday to Saturday, 7AM to 1PM on Sunday
More info:


Cafe GuateJava in Antigua Guatemala

Free WIFI at Cafe GuateJava in Antigua Guatemala

GuateJava is a tiny corner coffee shop. It serves amazing coffee and provides some of the best WIFI I have experienced in Antigua.

Sitting in GuateJava is a mix of lower couches and a couple of higher wooden tables with bar stools. You’d need to sit at those tables if you want to be close to the plug points.

Since GuateJava is rather small and doesn’t really serve food besides cookies and small cakes, it might not be the ideal place to sit around all day. But it certainly is a good spot if you need to power yourself with a kick of caffeine and take advantage of the good internet speed. Plus, there’s an interesting Vegan spot right across the street if you want to grab lunch.

Both doors of the cafe are kept open, letting in good amounts of light and breeze. You can hear the noises from the street, but unless you get distracted easily, these shouldn’t be a problem.

Another plus of GuateJava is that they have a dispenser with filtered water, which you can drink from as much as you want, for free.

Speed test at GuateJava

Speed test at GuateJava

Where: 6a Calle Poniente, Casa 26
Prices: coffee starts at Q10 (USD1.3)
Timings: 7AM to 7PM Monday to Saturday, 7AM to 5PM on Sunday. Closes every 1st Sunday of the month.
More info:

Cafe Barista

Free WIFI at Cafe Barista in Antigua Guatemala

Free WIFI at Cafe Barista in Antigua Guatemala

In the very main square of the city (Parque Central), Cafe Barista stands as an obvious option for digital nomads in Antigua. This Guatemalan coffee shop chain reminds me of Starbucks, but with better seating. There are some couches and also standard square tables with 4 chairs around them. If you need power, choose the tables close to the walls, as this is where you’ll find the plug points.

The amount of folks with laptops you see inside Barista, makes it clear that people come here to work. The internet is alright, but it’s not the best. The same goes for the coffee, which starts at 12 Quetzals. If you stick around for a while and get hungry, or come early for breakfast, they do have several food options: omelettes, sandwiches, salads and sweet treats such as crepes.

There is a good mix of natural and artificial light. There are several ceiling fans that, mixed with the open windows, provide good ventilation.

Speed test at Cafe Barista in Antigua

Speed test at Cafe Barista in Antigua

Where: 5a Ave. & 4a Calle Poniente, Casa #12 (in the main park square)
Prices: coffee starts at Q12 (USD1.55)
Timings: 6AM to 10PM
More info:


Note: there are other popular cafes around the central park in Antigua. Cafe Condesa and Cafe La Casaca might be good for food and drinks, but they are NOT good for those in need of WIFI. Even though they offer free WIFI, it didn’t work on the several occasions I visited.

Cafe Casa Blanca

Free WIFI at Cafe Casa Blanca Hotel in Antigua

Free WIFI at Cafe Casa Blanca Hotel in Antigua

Case Blanca is not an obvious choice for digital nomads in Antigua. This is actually a cafe in the courtyard of a hotel by the same name, even though the cafe does have its own entrance.

The cafe features coffee starting at 10 Quetzals and a variety of sub sandwiches. If you want to go fancy, you can order from the restaurant menu, where delectable sounding dishes cost USD10 and above.

Working at Casa Blanca, you’ll enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere. You’ll sit in a manicured courtyard, which feels very typical of this town. You’ll get the sense than you are indeed in Guatemala, even though in a privileged setting.

As this is a covered outdoors cafe, you’ll enjoy good natural lighting and, in the shade, cool temperatures too.

The internet speed is better than average and, as this is definitely not a popular working spot, you won’t have to share the WIFI strength with other customers around.

There are plug points near at least two tables, and the chairs are pretty comfy for a cafe. You could easily spend a solid amount of time working here.

Speed test at Casa Blanca Cafe

Speed test at Casa Blanca Cafe

Where: 5a Av. Sur #13
Prices: coffee starts at Q10 (USD1.3)
Timings: 7AM to 9PM
More info:


Fernando’s Kaffee

Working at Fernando's Kaffee courtyard

Working at Fernando's Kaffee courtyard

This is one of those cafes you truly feel like stepping into – the freshly prepared chocolate smell you’ll notice by the road is just so inviting!

Fernando’s Kaffee is a rather stereotypical Antigua cafe: colorful, with a nice verdant courtyard coupled with a small fountain and a good menu mixing Guatemalan and international dishes. But the prices are certainly fairer than in most businesses with a foreign crowd. That, paired with a pretty good internet connection and an over all relaxed vibe, makes it a good spot to work from.

The tables and wooden chairs (no cushions) are not the best to work from all day, consistently. But they are fine for a few hours. There are some plug points around, even outdoors, so running out of battery won’t be an issue.

If you feel like catching some fresh air, Fernando’s Kaffee is a good spot to work from!

Speed test in the courtyard of Fernando's Kaffee

Speed test in the courtyard of Fernando's Kaffee

Where: 7a Av. Note #73
Prices: coffee starts at Q10 (USD1.3)
Timings: 7AM to 7PM Monday to Saturday, 7AM to 12.30PM on Sunday
More info:


The Bagel Barn

Free WIFI at The Bagel Barn in Antigua Guatemala

Free WIFI at The The Bagel Barn in Antigua Guatemala

Bagel Barn is a good place if you’d like to grab a bite while working. Bagel with cream cheese + coffee/tea/kombucha combos cost 27 Quetzals, while coffee alone starts at 10 quetzals.

You can’t miss its location, as it’s right by Antigua’s central park.

The internet is good enough to do some general work. There are some power outlets by the benches near the walls. The seating is not the greatest to sit all day, but good enough to spend a couple of hours.

Every day, there’s a movie screening inside The Bagel Barn, starting at 6pm. You wouldn’t want to be working there then. But during any other time of the day, no one will bother you if you sit around for as long as you like.

Please keep in mind that this place feels very gringo. Everything is in English and they specialize in bagels. If you are looking to feel like you are immersing yourself into Guatemalan culture, this is definitely not the spot for it. But if you crave a bagel, and they are indeed good, then The Bagel Barn is for you!

Speed test at The Bagel Barn

Speed test at The Bagel Barn

Where: 5a Calle Poniente #2
Prices: coffee starts at Q10 (USD1.3)
Timings: 6.30AM to 8.30PM
More info:

Rainbow Cafe

Cafe Rainbow in Antigua Guatemala

Cafe Rainbow in Antigua Guatemala

Rainbow Cafe is a popular meeting spot for foreigners in Antigua. Apart from being a standard cafe and restaurant, the space includes a small bookshop by the entrance. There is also a stage for different events that take place weekly, such as open mic nights and NGO meetings.

The internet connection is good, and you can opt to sit in the courtyard (no garden) or indoors, even though the indoor area (pictured above) is a little darker.

You can alternate sitting between wooden chairs and fluffier couches, but this is probably not an all-day type of venue. The good news is that Rainbow Cafe is super central, so you could always step out and find another place to sit at or grab a bite nearby. GuateJava, for example, is right across the street!

Speed test at Cafe Rainbow in Antigua Guatemala

Speed test at Cafe Rainbow in Antigua Guatemala

Where: 4a Av. Sur #8
Prices: coffee starts at Q9 (USD1.17)
Timings: 8AM to 11PM
More info:


Free WIFI is open at McDonald's in Antigua Guatemala

Free WIFI is open at McDonald's in Antigua Guatemala

I wouldn’t suggest going to an international chain while in a city in Guatemala that has so many local cafes… if it wasn’t because the upload speed at McDonald’s is way faster than anywhere else I worked from, for free. So if you need to upload videos or do anything else that requires a decent upload speed, you may want to pay Ronald McDonald a visit.

Besides the speeds, this place is like no other McDonald’s you are likely to come across. Not only is the inside of the restaurant itself beautiful, the outdoor cobblestone courtyard is incredibly pleasant. On a clear day, you’ll have Agua Volcano as a backdrop as you listen to the sounds of the water at McD’s very own fountain. Not bad for an impromptu office, right?

The other advantage is that being such a big self-service restaurant, you could literally sit around here all day long and no one is even likely to notice you.

Speed test at McDonald's in Antigua Guatemala

Speed test at McDonald's in Antigua Guatemala

Where: 4a Calle Poniente #21
Prices: coffee starts at Q10 (USD1.3) in McCafe
Timings: 7AM to 9PM
More info:

If all of the options above do not suit you enough and you’d rather be working from your laptop on top of a volcano, getting a data plan on your phone is easy peasy! With Claro, for example, you can get 750MB for Q75 (a little less than USD10) with 4G coverage, just like we did. Apart from data, this XL plan includes 75 minutes talk (valid for calls to Guatemala and the USA), as well as 75 SMS.

Have you worked from Antigua Guatemala?
Share your favorite spots in the comments!

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  • Agness Says

    Cafes with a good coffee & free wi-fi is the best thing that can happen to you if you have to blog on the road! :) It’s hard to find it though in some cities!

    • Zara Says

      True! Here in Antigua many cafes advertise free WIFI, but that doesn’t mean it works well.. that’s why I wrote this post! ;)

  • I love this post! I should write something like this for the cities I live in… I’m sure people would appreciate knowing these details!

    • Zara Says

      Thanks Tim! If you do go ahead and publish similar articles about other cities, I’d love to check them out! :)

  • Ronda Says

    This came at the PERFECT time as I just moved to Antigua. I’ve had a really hard time finding good WIFI. Even though I know I would eventually find a place, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to find Impact Hub! I am gonna check it out tomorrow. Thank you!!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Ronda,
      I’m glad to read this post can help you with your digital nomad journey in Antigua. Enjoy the city… it is a very special place! :)

  • thank you for featuring us in your article, we at #BellaVistaCoffee are doing our best to become part of what people love about Antigua Guatemala!

    • Zara Says

      Thank you Ronny!
      You guys have set up an AMAZING coffee shop in Antigua… who can ever get enough of those views?! :D

  • Catherine Says

    Loved the article! I’ve never seen one like it before, but it’s incredibly useful and very well designed and organized. I’ve got a follow-up question that I’m hoping someone in Antigua can answer!

    Is the internet reliable all day most days (places to go that don’t have routine brownouts or anything)? And what are you actually able to accomplish with that 10mb/s? I’ve got 25 mb/s where I live now, and I’m a little worried that I could show up there and not be able to do the things that I need without a stress: namely streaming video a couple of hours, showing up for meetings on lync, and taking remote proctored exams that shouldn’t be interrupted by connection issues.

    If anyone has any insight or advice, it would be seriously appreciated!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Catherine,
      We do all sorts of online stuff (programming, video streaming, photo uploads, blogging, etc..) and did fine in Antigua. Even streamed Netflix on a regular basis – but that, of course, we did at home. I think you’d be able to work alright in Antigua. And, if you need a more reliable set-up, you can always work from Impact Hub, the co-working space I mention in the article.

      • Catherine Says

        Thanks, so much for answering my question! This article was my gateway into your blog and I’m loving it! Keep up the good work.

  • Gemma Reeves Says

    Great post. This gives freelancers and entrepreneurs a good list of places where they can be productive.

  • Sasha Says

    Thanks for the useful post, guys! We’re planning a trip to Guatemala and a big concern is whether or not we’ll be able to work. I run a few blogs and we have our own site, and it seems like the coffee shops will be adequate, however we also teach English online to kids in China so we have to have class super early in the morning (between 5-9 AM usually) and after 8 PM sometimes on Friday and Saturday. In your experience there, what was the connection like at home? Do you think it’s easy enough to find a place for a month with speeds at least 5-10 down and 2-4 up? We really want to stay at Lake Atitlan but everything I’ve read/heard leads me to believe we won’t be able to work there as service is too slow/spotty. What do you think about Antigua? Thanks and love the site keep up the good work guys!

    • Ashray Says

      Hi Sasha

      Antigua is a great city to spend a little time in! We had trouble with internet at Lake Atitlan as well so that’s definitely a no-go if you need reliable wifi. It’s possible to find houses in Antigua with the internet speeds you’ve mentioned. I would suggest that before you settle on an AirBNB, please ask the host to run a speedtest and share the results with you. It’s not an unreasonable request and most hosts will be happy to assist. Also, in the worst case scenario Impact Hub does have a 24×7 access package so you could go for that if you want although you should also find a house nearby in that case. Antigua is definitely an amazing place to spend a month in. We’d do it again in a heartbeat. You can do a lot of hiking and nature stuff around and if you want to take Spanish classes, it’s also a great place to do that! Hope this helps, have fun! You’ll love it!

  • Thanks for the great post! I have just started with my college and want to visit as many places possible!

  • This post makes me want to go back to Antigua to check these places out. Antigua itself is so beautiful and such cozy cafes make it even betterl

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