As the night comes down in Santiago de Chile…

One of the most touristic spots in the capital of Chile is a hill called “Cerro San Cristobal”.

This place is the Chilean (smaller) equivalent to Christ the Redeemer hill in Rio de Janeiro. On top of the hill, a Virgin looks out to the city.

Although the signs read “please keep silent” and “praying area” there are loud people clicking photos and even making out all over the place.

We went up on a Sunday afternoon. We couldn’t be any more touristic than this! ;)

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  • Wayne Says

    That looks amazing :)

  • AMAZING; zarita!

  • John B Says

    Welcome to Chile! I am an expat American (as in USA) and have lived in Chile for a little over 5 years… I have a little traveling blood in me… my mother was British and went to the States alone to marry my father… and now, I have done the same… came to Chile to marry my wife, una chilena! I have also lived in England for a couple of years as well.

    Saludos y Buena Suerte!

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