Picturesque route 66

Armed robbery made convenient

When driving from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, we decided to take a longer route through the historic route 66. The road isn’t a multi-lane highway and the journey is a bit longer, but it’s well worth it! You will pass through Indian reservations, scenic little towns and even get to see a bit of serious American roadway history.

As you leave Las Vegas and reach Kingman, you have to turn off the highway towards route 66. The moment you hit this road, the scenery will change. Bikers riding their Harleys, quaint saloons and much more! We stopped at a diner in Seligman, a little town on route 66. This was the view opposite the road from our diner. It was enough to just stop and stare.

Driving down this road really makes you feel like you’re in the movies! It’s surreal!

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