A lion in the masai mara

All hail the king

Safaris in the Masai Mara are amazing! The endless savannah, full of animals just doing their thing captivates and astounds the mind. You feel like a shadow quietly moving around in your van, watching and observing everything like a ghost. The animals are quite oblivious to human presence and just go about their day to day life.

We spotted this majestic lion on our 2nd trip out there. There are so many lions to see that you don’t really need to ‘go looking’. Lions are everywhere in the Masai Mara.

This guy was sitting and observing a herd of gazelles. He sits patiently camouflaged by the grass and waits for a gazelle to stray a little far from the herd. Sometimes the wait takes hours. Once he spots his prey, he runs into the clear and thus starts the chase.

That’s pretty wild!

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