Blank boarding pass, Ethiopian Airlines

All aboard! So where are we going again?!

Back when we were in Ethiopia, the final leg of our journey was from Lalibela to Addis Ababa, we went through check-in and security. At security they stopped and stared at the apple keyboard I was carrying. “What is this ?” “It’s a keyboard”… “What do you do with this ?” “It’s for a computer” “Ahhh.. okay”. Of course, they knew what a computer keyboard was, they just hadn’t seen one that looked this slick!

Once we were through security we took a look at our boarding passes to understand where we were supposed to go. That’s when we found that our boarding pass didn’t say anything!

It wasn’t a problem though, there is just one daily flight from Addis to Lalibela. The vistas are unbelievably beautiful as you fly through the mountains! Also, if you’re taking this flight DO NOT BOOK ONLINE! There is an Ethiopian airlines office in Addis at the Hilton and if you buy your tickets there they will be about 1/3rd the price. About $50 vs. $150! Seriously!

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