A street entrepreneur in India

A street entrepreneur in India

India: one may love it or hate it. But we all have to recognize that are certain things around here that are pretty admirable. The way people with limited resources use their creativity to come up with business ideas is certainly one of those things.

Meet one of Delhi’s street tailors. In a commercial area of the neighborhood of Dwarka (our base when in India), this fellow just set up a table in the middle of the street and placed his sewing machine on top. You may come to him for any tailoring job. Personally, I have repaired zips and altered jeans. The bill never came above the equivalent of 1 USD – and things get delivered on the same day!

He is not the only one around here. There is an army of inventive and competent professionals making the streets of India their own business establishment. And that is why when something breaks in India, you still get it repaired – you don’t need to go and buy a new one!

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