Sunset over Amsterdam canal

24hrs in Amsterdam

What would you do if you had only 24hrs in Amsterdam?

We have just arrived in India after a one day lay-over in The Netherlands’ capital city. Before we got there, we used our Twitter account to ask what would other people recommend to see and do in Amsterdam in such a limited period of time. You can easily figure that weed and freshly brewed beer were involved in the suggestions!

As it often happens, we didn’t plan anything. We ignored the world-class museums, Anne Frank’s house (we thought reading the book first would make sense!) and we didn’t take any exciting substances either – unless Gouda cheese counts! Instead, we wandered around Amsterdam’s picturesque streets, taking the almost compulsory photos of the canals and watching people ride away as the rain started to pour down. Well, we also had some incredible Indonesian food  – these are the things you miss when you stay in South America for a while! And, of course, also dedicated some time to local specialties such as frites (fries that would normally be topped up with mayonnaise, but we took curry sauce instead because as I just mentioned, Latin America deprived us of a certain range of flavors) and kalfsvleeskroke (Dutch meat croquettes). All in all, it was a tasty and highly satisfying day!

Have you been to Amsterdam?

What do you think are the highlights to be enjoyed in just one day?

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  • Franca Says

    You did exactly what I would have done myself. Walking until my legs start complaining around the little streets and the picturesque canals is the best! :)

  • We had two full days in Amsterdam and spent them traversing each of the canal lines – it was the perfect transportation around the city and we just hopped off whenever we wanted to visit an area or take photos. Inexpensive as well!

  • I’m heading there next month, but will get about a day and a half to explore. I love places where you’re not just frantically racing around from site-to-site, and I think Amsterdam will be rather relaxing!

  • Amsterdam is a killer city. I moved there when I was 21, lived in the red light district 2 doors down from the cannabis museum for many months I hope you got try their onion bread or stroopwaffels!!! Yum.

  • That first pic of the canal is gorgeous – iconically Amsterdam :)

  • I’d recommend exploring the oldest area in Amsterdam, The Red Light District, with a local guide. You’ll be amazed by all interesting stuff it has to offer. It’s definitely not just coffeeshops and prostitutes!

  • Lovely picture!! I want to visit Amsterdam so bad!! Have a great time in India!

  • Rekha Says

    Hey Guys!

    Love the pictures! I am thoroughly inspired by both of you and what you have set out to accomplish :)
    I actually plan to do something similar – am planning to quit my job end of the year and travel round the world. BUT – and this is a big but – the Schengen visa is what worries me. Without a job, I don’t have anything to prove my employment status. I do, however, have sufficient funds to cover my trip and my friend will be sending me an invite letter for Germany. Will that work? Should I be worried? :) I do plan to freelance a bit but I don’t have invoices yet as I would have just quit my job by then.
    Do let me know. Fingers crossed!!

    • Ashray Says

      That’s great to know Rekha! My suggestion is that you should get your Schengen visa before you quit your job. You can get a Schengen visa up to 3 months before your travel date.

      Makes things a lot simpler and smoother. I got my UK visa in Dubai before I quit my job there. I can’t imagine applying for it without all those documents (employer’s letter, etc.). It’s still possible to get a Schengen visa without a job (I got my Portuguese visa after quitting.. and I got it in India), but it’s way more difficult!

  • Jade Says

    I love wandering the streets of Amsterdam whatever the weather, it’s just beautiful. With a longer visit there is so much to choose from I’ve got to go back for a third time. It’s one of my favourite cities, if you need recommendations for next time, I have a few that don’t involve weed or beer:

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  • Adam Hales Says

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  • Mac Carson Says

    Amsterdam are very famous place by there places like the beautiful historic buildings, the rijksmuseum, the canals, the Anne Frank house, the red light district and of course because of their freespiritness and tons of coffeeshops or just random shops that sell cannabis and more.

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  • Amsterdam is a wonderful place! Aside from Amsterdam, you can also visit Giethoorn, Steenwijk, Rotterdam, and other cities in The Netherlands.

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