Mexico visa for Indians

Mexico visa waiver for Indians with USA (Tourist) Visas

I just entered Mexico today from Cancun. Flew in from Madrid, Spain. The Mexico Embassy website in New Delhi states that no visa is required for anyone who holds a valid US visa. This is true for all classes of US visas.

I have a tourist visa to the US and at immigration in Mexico the lady simply asked me if I had a Mexican or US Visa. I said that I had a US visa. She took a look at it and stamped my passport.


Also it’s important to note here that:
- I have not used this visa to enter the USA yet.
- I was not arriving from the United States into Mexico.


I believe that you are allowed to stay in Mexico for 180 days under this scheme.

It’s also important to note that this was by far the friendliest immigration experience I have had to date. The lady was really friendly and spoke very good English too!

So that’s it, I can confirm that holders of tourist visas to the US do in fact get into Mexico without a visa required. AWESOME :D

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  • It is really very good news and update to Indians holding US business or travel visa and visiting Mexico. I am also planing to visit Mexico in Sept.’12 and |I hold US visa, so this news has come to me just in time.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Nikhil Says

    Hi ,

    Thanks for the info…Its nice reading 1st time about not only how Indian passport holders face visa issues, but actually telling us the proper updates on the same….

    but can you explain me about these 2 points , I have a multi-entry US tourist visa and If I plan to go to USA in my next trip , can I go to mexico or should I go to mexico 1st then to USA (are there any restrictions) reading the 2 points you mentioned…..

    I have already been to US, 1st point below means that I cannot go to mexico using USA visa anymore? or ??

    2nd point-I cannot enter into mexico from USA (even with multi-entry US tourist visa)? I have to fly in from another country?

    Also it’s important to note here that:
    - I have not used this visa to enter the USA yet.
    - I was not arriving from the United States into Mexico


    • Ashray Says

      I know this reply is rather late but I have to say that when I entered Mexico for the first time, I had never visited the US. Neither was I arriving from the US (we flew in from Spain).

      The US visa is good for mexico even if you have never used it to enter the US.

  • sidd Says

    Dear Ashray,
    I have one question. I don’t have any USA visa on my passport.Is there any chance to get a Mexico TOURIST visa while travelling there.

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  • neo Says

    Will it be a problem if I am flying from India(Delhi) ? I mean not actually at the immigration in Mexico but at the immigration in Delhi (with my Indian passport). I have a valid US travel visa but will those dumb souls be aware of the fact that I would not need a mexican visa ? May be difficult to answer but any light you can shed on this is appreciated.

  • Vishwa Says

    Dear friend,
    We are group of six friends 4 from india and 2 from usa are planing to travel to cancun mexico, so how difficult to get Mexican visa from India.
    4 friends traveling from India dont have any kind of US visa. so i beleive they will also need to apply for transit visa for USA as well. Please advise.
    Thank you

  • Oggu Says

    I am planning to visit Mexico and my H1B visa on passport is expired. But my I94 and petition are extended and still valid. with that in hand do I need Mexican visit visa to travel to Mexico?

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