Avenue of Giants tree house

Welcome to my tree house!

Today is our last day in the US. We fly out of Los Angeles tonight back to New Delhi via Guangzhou, China. It’s going to be a long journey to the other side of the world! This trip has been a total blast! Today’s photo shows a tree house carved out of a SINGLE TRUNK! This trunk is from a giant redwood in Redwood National Forest. Some of the trees here are over 3000 years old!

The Redwoods are found almost all over California and their majesty is quite unbelievable! It’s crazy when a tree is so big that you can build a house in it’s trunk! We drove through Redwood National Forest as part of our road-trip down the Highway 1 and Highway 101. Our road trip ended up being a total of 4390.1 miles (7065.18 km)! We saw maybe 10% of the US, so that gives you an idea of how massive this country is! Oh well, there’s going to be a next time, and the redwoods will still be around then, they always are. 3000 years, CRAZY!

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