Road trip in Oman at night

The white tree of horror

While living in Dubai, we decided to escape the unbearable heat for a long weekend and road tripped all the way to Salalah, in the South of Oman.

To enjoy the rain and greenery of this region, we ended up living a series of adventures on the road, including midnight flat tires, police intervention, a night in a cockroach infested truckers stop and a lot of cheap dal eaten at rest stops with Malayalam waiters.

Finally we did reach Salalah and enjoyed our time there, but we still had more than 1000KM to do on our way back, in 2 days!

On our last day the plan was to see the Turtles laying eggs at Ras Al Jinz but the sand storms and KMs of roads under construction turned our day trip into a very long journey until dawn. As we were driving on a road surrounded by desert, we came across a dune that had been formed right in the middle of the road. Our convertible flew and for a moment we all thought we would get stranded in the middle of nowhere and have to spend the night there. It was pitch black. As dark as I had ever seen in my entire life.

All night long, we just came out of the car twice: once to go to the loo in a Mosque we passed by and another time one to take a photo by this creepy white tree, illuminated only by the lights of the car.

It was the middle of nowhere, and there was no light at all. Not even stars…

(read more about that dark night here!)

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