Fresh Coconut - The greatest drink on Earth!

The Greatest Drink on Earth

These days you’ve started getting packaged coconut water in many places. Someone was bound to catch onto this sooner or later, this stuff tastes amazing!

So go to the source! Fresh coconut water, ice cold, tastes absolutely incredible! It’s one of the healthiest, most refreshing drinks that we’ve ever had anywhere on earth. And so simple to make!

Step 1: Get a coconut
Step 2: Cool it in the freezer
Step 3: Chop off the top, slip in a straw and ENJOY!


Step 0: Sit on a beach in Thailand and you’ll probably be offered one sooner or later. Pay and have it served straight to your face!

What’s even better is that once you’re done, you get to eat all the yummy coconut flesh inside! How’s that for dessert? Fresh coconut is available all over the coastal areas of Thailand for incredibly reasonable prices!

If you go to Thailand, do not miss it, you will never drink anything else!

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