The Black Sands of Drake bay

The black sands of Drake Bay

The sand is black because this entire region originated due to volcanic activity in the past. Drake Bay is the gateway to Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica. You take a tiny little plane to get from San Jose to Drake Bay. The views along the route are absolutely incredible as you float over mountain after mountain of lush green forests and deep rivers flowing along quietly, just as they have been for the past thousands of years.

When you get to Drake Bay your plane lands on no less than a patch of cleared grass (there is no asphalt on the runway) and this in itself is quite an interesting experience. Touchdown, bump, screeeeech and STOP! Phew!

We spent our time in Drake Bay lounging around in our cabin and taking a tour to Corcovado National Park where we saw tons of wildlife and even a baby whale on the way back!

That was when we weren’t walking around these beautiful idyllic beaches with absolutely no one around. If you want to experience pure unadulterated nature in the tropics, there aren’t many places better than Drake Bay!

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