Dog walking ad in Melrose Place

So who’s really rich in Hollywood?

While walking around Hollywood we saw some really big beautiful mansions. The kind you see in lifestyles of the rich and famous. Then again, we were right where the rich and famous live! These folks love keeping dogs, many dogs. It’s wonderful because the dogs get to live in these big mansions with sprawling lawns and outdoor areas. But what’s better than a dogs life in Hollywood ? A dog walker’s life in Hollywood!

Notice the sign that Al – The Dog Walker – has posted. He makes $7 per 15 minutes of dog walking! In the USA, it’s very important to read the fine print. Notice how he doesn’t say anywhere that he will walk just one dog at a time. Friends, Al’s probably walking with multiple dogs all the way to the bank, and they don’t have enough vaults for his cash!

$7 (per dog)/(15 mins) * 3 dogs * 60 mins – EIGHTY FOUR DOLLARS AN HOUR!

Of course, Al is nice enough to offer discounts on long term dog walking and the second dog is 50% off even! Dog walking in Hollywood is like investment fund management in New York City but without all the stress – who needs a degree ? :)

I wish Al the millionaire was my buddy. He probably hangs out on weekends with Bruno Mars, Oprah, and The Queen.

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