Flowers at a wet market in Hong Kong

Smell the Flowers

One might think that cliches are a basic way of generalizing and even categorizing people. But if cliches exist, it must be for a reason.

While traveling, we observe a lot of those cliches that happen to be true: Chinese people tend to travel in big groups and carry great photography equipment on their travels. They also love to click photos of EVERYTHING. Black people have a thing for fried chicken. White people go to places where other white people hang out (and that, by miraculous coincidence, normally serve alcohol). There are many more cliches that we often observe to be true.

Another thing that I associate with Asian people is wearing disposable medical masks in a regular situation. I started noticing this mainly at airports and places where large concentrations of people take place, when there was a birds flu outbreak a few years ago.

The man featured in today’s photo was seen at a street market in Hong Kong. I wouldn’t have find it weird that he was wearing a mask as such (as many people do so over there), if it wasn’t for the fact that he was choosing some flowers. It’s like eating without letting the scent of your food going in.

How is he going to smell the flowers?

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