Lastarria neighborhood. These dudes have juicy lips and spiky hair!

Santiago de Chile: half city, half graffiti wall! part 1/2

Santiago de Chile‘s neighborhoods are decorated with plenty of colorful graffiti.

If you live in a neighborhood were this is a common means of expression, such as Barrio Yungay or Barrio Brasil, and you want to protect your house’s facade from graffiti youngsters that don’t know what they’re doing, the best way to go about is to let good painters leave their mark. Graffiti artists never taint one another’s work.


Take a walk around Santigo’s and appreciate some of its street art, scrolling through this visual essay!

(click i for captions)


And see part 2/2 here!

These dudes have juicy lips and spiky hair!

In Providencia.

the Matrix!

And everything in between.

and what her message really is about.

These multi-eye figures are a recurrent theme in the walls of Santiago.

No one will ever rob this shop.

If all the eyes weren't enough, the building across the road from the shop has these guardian tigers ready to attack...

Indian man meets Mapuche people

Multi eyes and a sense of smell.

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