Temple Street night market Hong Kong

Only in Hong Kong!

While in Hong Kong we took a walk through the night market at Temple Street. The open air flea market at Temple Street is quite interesting. First of all, it’s a night market which makes it quite unusual (aren’t flea markets early morning or afternoon affairs ?). Then, you walk around and see such amazing trinkets that you never see anywhere else. Chalk that up to licensing issues!. They don’t care much about ‘licensing’ in Hong Kong or China.

The people of Hong Kong are the kings of customization. They will buy a regular looking iPhone case and put decals on it and other awesome little bits and bobs to make it stand out. Oh wait, did I say iPhone case ? They don’t buy iPhones in Hong Kong… not that much. The dominant phones in Hong Kong are pretty much Samsungs. Take a trip on the metro and you will see people immediately whip out their totally customized Samsung Galaxies to browse the internet or read books on.

So you begin to wonder, where do they get these bits and bobs to customize their phones ? At the Temple Street night market of course! As you can see, you can get some pretty interesting paper dispensers as well!

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