Never something so simple tasted so good!

My best meal in Mexico!

You might look at this plate and think: “bahh… doesn’t look like much“. It might not appear to be that special or that involved lots of preparation and care in the making, right?

But still, in more then 4 weeks around different states of Mexico, this single plate was my favorite food moment in the country: so simple, yet so good!

A thin but very juicy steak with a Mexican side of mashed re-fried black beans, guacamole and totopos (most commonly known as “nachos” outside of Mexico). The guacamole was perfect for my taste: creamy and not spicy at all.

Before heading to the petrified cascades of Hierve el Agua, we stopped in nearby town Mitla. There is only a couple of restaurants to eat in the main town square (this place is rather small) and one of them offered this dish that I have since often remembered when I get hungry – particularly while in Cuba, where food was commonly unappealing.


Mexico… I miss you and your food!


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