Road tripping around Oman a couple of years ago, we went off road to the top of a mountain were we came across the people of a tiny village. These place had about 4 or 5 houses almost at the edge of a cliff that led to a canyon where it was all dryness and dust.

The kids of one of the houses were excited to have us there and even more excited to taste our Pringles and try out our gadgets. They took photos and amazed themselves at the LCD screen of my video camera which they used as if it was a mirror (I actually don’t know if they would even be familiar with the concept of a mirror).

It didn’t take long for them to invite us inside their house and yard, where we met a dog that had just had puppies. There was also a baby goat which this Omani kid started feeding, with an adapted yogurt bottle.

No matter how far you go in this world, there are things that will always be there, and motherly instinct (even on young kids) and empathy with others beings (human or not) are key to living in peace.

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