The Saltiest Meal on Earth

Volquetero is, quite probably, the saltiest meal on Earth!

Found in Puyo, a town close to the Ecuadorian Amazonian, this combination is quite probably best enjoyed along with ice-cold beer (we had sugar cane juice though)… lots of it, because the amount of sodium in this plate has to be something that would pump up anyone’s arterial pressure!

Canned tuna chunks, fried plantain chips, salted lupini beans, fried salted corn and, thank god, a topping of tomato cubes and onions. If the intensity of flavors included isn’t enough for you already, there is chilly sauce galore to sprinkle all over the place.

Served with half an orange that you need to squeeze on top for extra juiciness, this is a killer combination to fill you up in 2 spoons alone and keep you like that for the rest of the day. Not because it’s a lot of food but because you will be drinking all day and that will make you feel full anyway!


This is, hands down, the saltiest thing I have ever eaten.

What about you? What is the saltiest meal you’ve ever tasted and where?

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