… and all of them are AWESOME! (VIDEO)

So that you guys don’t think it’s all negativity towards Dubai these days here on Backpack ME, allow me to share with you this piece of awesome called “The Malls of Dubai”.

This song by Dubai resident Rohit tells us a bit about the never ending world of shopping centers in Dubai. According to Wikipedia, there are around 70 malls in Dubai and I can tell you that the average Dubai citizen visits at least 3 of those per week. Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates are amongst the world’s largest shopping centers… hummm, one would almost think Emiratis are trying to compensate for something else, isn’t it?

In the land of massive consumption, Rohit makes us laugh by labeling the malls and their visitors. He is pretty damn funny and if you’ve ever been in Dubai, you will totally get him. But even if you haven’t, this guy is still hilarious and deserves a post on Backpack ME!

Give it up for… Rohit!

Rohit is cool!

Rohit is cool!

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