Amazing breakfast at Guangzhou Airport

Delicious breakfast.. lunch.. or dinner?!

We’re at Guangzhou airport in China and our sense of time is totally messed up! We took off from Los Angeles at 11PM on 12th June, and arrived in Guangzhou at 4.45AM on June 14th. I miss June 13th, could’ve been an awesome day!

So we’re here at 6.30 in the morning and just ordered pork dumplings and Hong Kong style noodles along with a fresh carrot juice and fresh orange juice. It’s 3.55AM in New Delhi, the time zone we’re supposed to be set to and 3.30PM in Los Angeles, the time zone we’re actually used to. So should we call this breakfast, lunch or an extremely late night snack?

I don’t care, looks DELICIOUS! :)

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