Amazon river in Iquitos

Business on the Amazon river

A lot of people think of the Amazon river as a water body snaking through the dense forest in solitude. However, with human settlements, villages, and cities in the middle of the Amazon, the river is transformed into a massive highway. Boats ply day and night and give birth to trade and commerce. In fact, the city of Iquitos in the heart of the Amazon is only accessible through one road – The Amazon river.

From Iquitos, you can go up the river to Ecuador, or down the river to Brazil. The water is teeming with life and therefore a great source of food for all the people that live on the riverbank. Life in the Amazon is quite different as one would imagine. The sounds of the forest are deafening and the sweetness of the air is certainly noticeable. After all, you are deep inside the lungs of the earth!

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