Palafito Hotels in Chiloe Island, Chile

A charming stay at Palafito Hotels in Chiloe Island

When you come to such a charming place as Chiloe Island, you need to stay in a place that matches that mystical vibe that is in the air in this land. While exploring Chiloe, we stayed at 3 of the Palafito hotels. They are based on the same principles that match a traditional ambiance empowered by the use of local wood, with modern amenities, warmth and a friendly team to assist you and cater to different travelers but always with a great standard of service.



Palafito 1326 Hotel Boutique

In the capital of Chiloe, Castro, Palafito 1326 has a privileged location, as the hotel is built in a “palafito”, which means house built on stilts, over the bay. Rooms allow a vast view of the water and birds, while offering a really comfy set up and decoration, where the woolen blankets (typical of the Chiloe region) stand out.

Palafito 1326, facing the bay

Palafito 1326, facing the bay


After a great night’s sleep, breakfast is a highlight in the Palafito mornings. A down-to-earth combination of healthy and delicious home-made multigrain bread and fruit spreads, cheeses and the typically Chilean mashed avocado, freshly brewed coffee and eggs made to order are spot on to warm you up from the inside.

Our lovely room with a view!

Our lovely room with a view!


Palafito Hostel

A few houses down the same road as Palafito 1326, you can find Palafito Hostel, with the same spectacular views. This is a good place to stay when you come in a larger group or if you want to meet other travelers. Sitting by the fireplace in the living room, sipping some Chilean wine, is a great way to break the ice!

Dinning area at Palafito Hostel

Dinning area at Palafito Hostel


Same as Palafito 1326, the Hostel serves a delicious breakfast with a view, although a fully equipped kitchen is also available in case you want to prepare your own meals during the day.

In Palafito Hostel you can choose from dormitories to private rooms, and all of them with en-suite bathrooms.

Fully-equipped kitchen, if you'd like to fix yourself something to eat!

Fully-equipped kitchen, if you'd like to fix yourself something to eat!


Palafito Cucao

Coming to Chiloe Island and not going to Cucao is quite probably missing out on some of the most enchanting views this Island has! Palafito Cucao, built on stilts over Lake Cucao, is an idyllic place that could have been taken out of a fairy tale.

Magnificent views of the lake can be enjoyed from Palafito Cucao’s living room – this is the kind of set up that will make you feel almost lazy to leave the house, which is cosy and nicely heated.

Living room overlooking the lake.

Living room overlooking the lake.

Pancho, the caretaker, makes this place even more charming. Sometimes, he will play his guitar and sing or surprise you with warm wine infused with cinnamon and orange while you warm your feet by the fire place after a walk outside.


Palafito Trip

While staying at any of the Palafito hotels, you can arrange your day trips with Palafito Trip. Founded by locals, experts in activities that can be done in the area, they will be able to recommend the best activities to be done in different times of the year. They specialize in horse-back riding, kayaking and hiking. You can see a full list of their suggested activities here, or contact them if you have something specific in mind that you’d like to do in Chiloe:


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More info:

Palafito 1326:
[email protected]
Aprox. double room rate: USD124

Palafito Hostel, Castro:
[email protected]
Aprox. double room rate: USD66

Palafito Hostel, Cucao:
[email protected]
Aprox. double room rate: USD93
Beds in shared dorms: USD27

All room rates include a super complete healthy breakfast and WIFI with good coverage all over the buildings.

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