Sometimes, on lucky days, you put on the radio and you come across songs that keep you perfect company.

We were driving down the USA’s West Coast when we listened to The Mowgli’s for the first time. It was sunny, the wind was messing up our hair as the car windows were rolled down… and this band just happened to be the ideal soundtrack for a happy road-trip!

That’s how the idea of putting one of their songs together with some of our travel images came about. Between the music, the lyrics and the places shown in this video, we hope to inspire you to GO GET LOST!


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  • Franca Says

    It’s a great video guys! I like how you put together images from everywhere you’ve been to from Asia to America. It really is inspiring!

  • Frank Says

    Wow! That is really great – I didn’t know you guys did videos. Really professionally filmed and edited and I love the song as well.
    Boring tech question: what kind of video equipment did you use? Notice your under-water video which really is cool. I have an only Sony handycam which really is crap – have to upgrade if we ever get video on our site.
    Honestly you blew me away with the video, really nice job.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Zara Says

      Hey Frank!
      It makes me happy that you like our videos! :)
      There are many more on different posts on the blog, but they’re also all compiled on our Youtube Channel, here:

      I use a Sony HXR MC50. It looks like a regular handycam but the quality is really good. I believe this was a camera developed for journalists and documentary filmmakers to be able to use in places in distress or simply where you need to look low-profile. I absolutely love my camera. It’s my second one as the previous one was stolen from us in Brazil (with the whole assault ordeal).. and it saddens me to think that they probably got peanuts for it as it looks like a regular camcorder for home videos. Anyway.. Regarding the underwater shots, I used a GoPro Hero.

      If you decide to get into travel video making, send us a link for the “premiere”! ;)

      • Frank Says

        I’ll check out those other videos. In the meantime don’t judge me as a stalker – been coming back to the site a few times cause I really find the song catchy! Showed it to Spanky yesterday and she was also really impressed, she found the video very inspiring. Great job.

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