Hit The Road Movie (in INDIA)

After we published a popular post sharing tips for those whose wanderlust might take them to India, I thought you’d also be interested in watching a movie shot in this incredible country.

This is no Bollywood. This is no ordinary documentary, even. Hit The Road India, is a a feature travel adventure documentary. It follows the adventure of 2 friends from North America, Richard and Keith, who take part in a rickshaw rally across India during 12 days. The Mumbai Xpress starts in Mumbai and ends up in Chennai. You can imagine that, for both the team in the rally and those shooting the documentary, this was a trip full of adventure.. even more adventure than the “regular” dose one gets to experience by default when touring Incredible India. And that is saying a lot!


I don’t think my imagination could have dreamed up what it was actually like!


Auto rickshaws are one of the most common methods of transportation in India. But for those behind the wheel this time, things are not as usual. As the team drives around in India, we the viewers get to go with them on a voyage around a country that often makes words obsolete when travelers who’ve been there try to describe it. Instead, Hit The Road take you there, as straight-forward as that. If the auto rickshaw trip of the team is full of break-downs and frustrations, the in between parts when they get to interact with locals make up for it. Smiles, camera friendly people and a lot of communication that goes beyond words – these parts are, hands down, my favorite moments of the documentary.

Hit The Road India movie poster

Hit The Road India movie poster


Hit The Road is, in theory, a documentary about the Mumbai Xpress race and the particular team featured in this case. But ultimately, it’s about more than that: it’s about observing, from an outsider’s perspective, how life rolls in India. But do not expect an “Incredible India” type of commercial here. This is a documentary that doesn’t necessarily show you the most colorful or pretty side of India, but it does give you an insight on the real deal of smaller cities, away from landmarks and popular monuments. It would have been nice if more info is shared about each place the team drives through, but I guess the point of the movie was just to show the places as those driving by would (and they did have limited time as they were always on the move – it is a race after all!).

A still from Hit The Road India

A still from Hit The Road India

A scene from Hit The Road India

A scene from Hit The Road India

Incredible India, as seen on Hit The Road India

Incredible India, as seen on Hit The Road India


This is an independent production that was created entirely by a team of two brothers from Armenia, Gor and Mushegh Baghdasaryan. They are dying to share this mighty adventure with you and, at Backpack ME, we also think you are missing out if you don’t watch this doc, that will certainly inspire you to pack (light) and travel to India!

Manama Films team shooting in India

Manama Films team shooting in India


We’ve teamed up with Manana Films to give you the opportunity to watch the movie FOR FREE! We are giving away 5 links to enjoy Hit The Road in full HD, wherever you are in the world.


Leave us a comment below saying why you’d like to travel to India.
The first 5 comments will get a free link to watch Hit The Road!


As for everyone else, you can check out their website, where you have the option to either rent or purchase the movie. And when you watch it, don’t forget to let us know what you think!


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  • Andrea Says

    The trailer looks promising!
    I’d love to travel to India one day. Seems like one incredible country where you can get lost and found. I think a trip to India can be life-changing and I’d like to experience that by myself one day!
    Thanks in advance for the movie, by the way! ;)

  • Soren Says

    AWESOME! I’d love to watch the full movie, please!
    I’ve been to India on a backpacking trip during a couple of months, a few years ago. I wouldn’t mind going back. It’s such a vast and diverse country that I still have a lot left to see and do!

  • DanM. Says

    Love to go to India someday right now in Mexico wandering around but have talked to other world travelers about the country and all the sights and of course the food. Certainly the smell of spice keeps me wishing to be there someday and a visit there is on my bucket list sounds exciting.

  • Hmmmm that looks interesting – and rather dark in some parts too! I’d love to see it :)

  • Nick and I want to do the Rickshaw Rally! We’ve been talking about it for a couple of years now. Looks crazy, fun and slightly frustrating! haha.

    Would love to see this movie too…


  • Frank Says

    Brad at My Wanderlist just did the same and experienced a whole bunch of crazy shit: The movie looks well done though!
    Frank (bbqboy)

  • Tess Says

    I’m a culture junkie & I’ve always been drawn to India for this reason. Having seen other docs like “Born into Brothels” & Red Ant Dream, I would love to see how this documentary portrays the country! Thank you for sharing.


    • Zara Says

      Hi Tess!
      I really enjoyed watching Born into Brothels too. But I have never heard of the other doc you’re mentioning – I shall check it out, for sure!

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