The other side of the World Cup in AFRICA

If you’re a regular visitor of Backpack ME you would have probably come across some of my previous posts bragging (a little bit) about my country: Portugal. I have proudly told you why you should travel to Lisbon, what you’re missing out on if you don’t make it to Porto when you come to our country, or even raved about our amazing cuisine.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to another great thing that makes me proud when I think of Portugal. That is our people and, in particular, our youth. The figures and statistics may not always speak out loud for themselves, but the truth is that we have a nation full of talented, creative and hard-working individuals. I am lucky to count with many of them amongst my friends, and that is such a source of inspiration to keep on doing interesting things with my life too.


Meet João and Tiago:

Part of the team of Até Lá Abaixo

Part of the team of Até Lá Abaixo

They both work in journalism. Tiago writes for national newspapers and has published 2 books. While João is a camera operator working with Portuguese national TV and his own projects too.

These guys have a never ending go-getter attitude and that is why they are always involved in off-the beaten path projects. They like to get their stories at source, where not many dare to go. They stay away from the obvious routes, exploring beyond the surface and, over all, giving a voice to those that normally don’t get much of a chance to make themselves heard.

Back in 2010, along with another team member in charge of photography, they drove in a 4×4 from Portugal to South Africa, just in time for the Football World Cup. Their project was called “Road to World Cup”. They traveled along 21 African countries, meeting local people and learning about their lives. In particular, they were looking for stories that touched the way football plays a role in the local ways of living. But the truth is that the depth of the tales they were told and that were captured on camera went much beyond this sport. Dreams, aspirations, struggles, human rights, religion, politics and a bunch of other socially charged topics. It is all in “Até Lá Abaixo”, the book Tiago published after their trip.

Apart from the book, “Até Lá Abaixo” (loosely translating into “All the day down south”) is also a work-in-progress documentary. You can watch the trailer above.

In Mauritania

In Mauritania

In Senegal

In Senegal

In Zambia, at Victoria Falls

In Zambia, at Victoria Falls

The Gambia - crashing at a customs officer's room

The Gambia – crashing at a customs officer's room

In Angola

In Angola


The project was run with minimal funds until now, but the lack of money didn’t stop these guys from going to the heart of Africa and finding out what things make this continent’s blood keep on pumping. Right now, the team is running a crowd-funding campaign to gather funds to be able to complete the editing of the film. Check out all the details HERE.

With everyone’s help, the documentary shall be ready in just a few months – right on time to warm us all up for the 2014 World Cup! Although it will initially be released with Portuguese subtitles (the live audio is in English, French and Portuguese), the film will afterwards be released in several countries and with English subtitles too.

The crowd-funding page is in Portuguese, but everyone is welcome to participate by clicking on any of the amounts mentioned below “apoiar esta proposta“. If you need help translating any specific part of the page, just let us know. Or you can also get in touch directly with the team on Até Lá Abaixo Facebook page or via email:

Até Lá Abaixo crowd-funding campaign

Até Lá Abaixo crowd-funding campaign

Here at Backpack ME we love people that have the courage to pursue their dreams, no matter how adverse the circumstances might seem. And that is why we are also supporting this initiative. Further more, we have traveled very little around Africa so far, so we think this documentary will be a great intro to 21 countries and realities that, on quick trips, one might not necessarily come across.

For every LIKE on this post,

we will be donating 1 euro towards the editing of this film.


Leave a comment mentioning how you liked the trailer

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Together we will go all the way down south with Até Lá Abaixo’s documentary!

Update @ 31st March 2014:
After all your likes and comments, we’re contributing 520 Euros to Até Lá Abaixo’s crowd-funding campaign. There are still several days of campaign left, so please feel free to make a contribution directly too.

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