How to cross the street in Jackson, Wyoming (VIDEO)

You know you’re in the town of Jackson, Wyoming, when even crossing the street becomes an event!

Traveling around the USA it’s easy to notice that this country is big on safety. You read warnings everywhere! The streets, inside restaurants and buildings and even on food labels. Regarding road safety, the state of Wyoming and, in particular, the town of Jackson where the video above was taken, has implemented a system to ensure pedestrians wanting to cross a given street are well noticed by drivers passing by.

As you can see in the video, you’re supposed to wave a red flag as you walk on the pedestrian crossing.

Not that these streets are that crazy busy (the folks of Wyoming should check out the roads in India!) but apparently there are less accidents since people wave the flag as they walk.

Seems like a fun and effective system! 

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  • these little quirks you find are some of the best things about travelling!

    • Zara Says

      Everything else you can pretty much read about or watch in the movies.. but it’s indeed these little things you see/do and small interactions you sometimes have with local people that tend to make our day!
      Glad you enjoy them too! :)

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