3 Movies that will make you want to travel TODAY!

1. Up

This movie carries the most important message an animation could ever share with mankind: live your life while it’s time! Do the things that make you happy and share them with those that you love, to achieve an even happier feeling!

Mr. Fredricksen saved money all his life with his sweetheart. Ever since they were kids, they dreamed of visiting South America but, getting caught up in the regular things of life, they never managed to have the time or money to fulfill their dream. When Mrs. Fredricksen sadly passed away, it was time for her husband to go on a mission and finally do what they had always wanted to do and live an adventure beyond their dreams! Second lessons learnt: it’s never too late!


UP movie poster

UP movie poster


UP reminds us that there is time to come around and do the things we’ve always wanted to do, take the trips we’ve always imagined. But ultimately, it’s probably better to go for it as soon as we can, because we never know when the day when it’s going to be too late may arrive.

Endearing, adventurous, heart-warming: UP is a movie that’s bound to touch you. If it doesn’t then, well, you’re probably not human…

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2. Life in a Day

Such an original project! Life in a Day is a feature film edited out of clips sent by Youtube users from all over the world. No more, no less than 4500 hours of video from 192 countries!

Life in a Day movie poster

Life in a Day movie poster


When I first read about this movie I thought that it would be more of a scattered edit with images from different countries and people, but without much of a story line. You would have to be one gifted director working with an even more virtuous editor to make sense out of such ridiculous amount of footage!

Life in a Day managed to surprise me and captivate me. Furthermore, it made me feel so happy to be alive and be a part of this world, that is so rich in such various ways!



Showing what a regular life in a day is like in distinct parts of the world and very different contexts, Life in a Day is a legacy movie to show future generations what things used to be like in the 2000s. For us living these days, it makes you feel like you’ve still seen very little and there is so much to be explored around you.

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3. The Bucket List

Two names: Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. This should be enough to make you feel like watching this movie.

The Bucket List movie poster

The Bucket List movie poster


Just in case that alone is not convincing enough, let me tell you that the characters played by Nicholson and Freeman are two old men facing death. At the end of their lives they realize that, although they had a pretty decent existence, there are still some missing links, some experiences that they would still want to enjoy. And there is no more time to waste! And so they go on a trip around the world (it helps that Nicholson’s character is filthy rich, of course).


Watch The Bucket List


Not only this film takes us on a visual trip to magnificent scenarios, it also amuses us with the funny duo, while a backdrop of drama makes the whole story easier to relate to. Absolute thumbs up!


Now… go get yourself inspired!


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