Tourists are a funny bunch! (VIDEO)

Tourists are funny!

When people are on vacation it’s like their perception of reality changes. It’s like New Years Eve! You just want to be happy and do silly things, no matter what.

During vacation, you MUST have fun! And that desire of making the most out of your free time sometimes clouds your perception. For instance, the other day at a buffet dinner, we were scooping out the options available. An older lady recommended the soup: “have the soup, it’s A BEAUTIFUL SOUP!“. Not an adjective I would have thought of using to describe a cream of asparagus. But OK… Turns out that the soup was OK, but it was made out of a powder concentrate. I mean, you could just tell! That soup would taste equally good whether it was the chef in that “fancy” hotel who made it, or my 10 year old cousin. Tourists just want to have a good time and, sometimes, end up over-appreciating things.But as long as we’re all happy, that’s not a bad thing as such.


Tourists do funny things!


In fact, while on vacation, observing other tourists can be a perfectly entertaining way to spend some time.


Oh! What's this ? :P

Oh! What's this ? :P


The girls in this video were spotted in Laguna Cejar, in Chile, clicking photos and posing away like pros. They were so busy posing and clicking, that the half exposed butt didn’t even matter! Don’t get us wrong: we are everything but prudish here at Backpack ME. We just thought these girls looked really funny, unaware of our not so discreet cameras…

We had a good laugh! :D

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