Easter Island Dances (VIDEO)

Let’s do the touristic thing around Easter Island!

What does that even mean? Apart from admiring the beauty of the Moais and spending hours wondering how could a civilization without modern tools erect such tremendously heavy statues, it also involves nightlife plans.

If Easter Island (aka Rapa Nui) is all about history and landscapes during the day, it becomes about gastronomy and tradition at night.

In one of the evenings we spent in Hanga Roa (the one and only city in the island!) we decided to go for a folk show with dances and live music. The video above is a portion of what you can expect when you go for one of these shows: a lot of spoken words in Rapa Nui language (= ?!*^(P%&(???!!!), tradicional melodies and rhythms and a bunch of rather sexy dancers doing tribal moves.

For me, he's the Rapa Nui equivalent to Jaguar Paw!

For me, he's the Rapa Nui equivalent to Jaguar Paw!

You can tell someone's had fun in this show!...

You can tell someone's had fun in this show!…


Apart from not understanding the narration and historical context of the show, the visual and musical side of it was nevertheless entertaining!


Credits for dance and music: Kari Kari Ballet Cultural

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