Summer day in Etretat, Normandy (VIDEO)

When you visit the coast of Normandy in France it’s difficult to picture that these beautiful beaches were turned into a battlefield during World War II. This didn’t happen specifically in Etretat, but really near-by.

Now-a-days, Etretat is mostly a touristic town, attracting visitors thanks to its impressive cliffs and views. The beach is full of people in the summer (as you can see in this video taken in August) but the water is freezing – it’s the Atlantic ocean after all! Instead of sand, the beach is paved with little stones that play a major role in protecting the town when the water levels rise.

There is nothing much to do in Etretat, apart from enjoying nature, taking in the views, golfing, relaxing and eating the typical cuisine from Haute-Normandie: mussels and fries, aka Moules et Frites in French, are in the order of the day and go best with a cup of local sider!

Moules et Frites with cider, in Etretat

Moules et Frites with cider, in Etretat


Very pretty place for a short sight-seeing trip!


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