Coffee with Legs

I wasn’t sure if I should include this post here in the Indulge Your Senses section or under The Meal Deal, but I consider myself a straight forward person, so I guess this is the right place to share this precious info with you.

Coffee with Legs (in Spanish: Cafe con Piernas) is more legs and less coffee. OK, let’s rephrase: who the hell even cares about the coffee?! Extremely common in Santiago de Chile, some particularly appealing coffee shops serve your regular cup of joe, embellishing the atmosphere with long legged babes with very short and tight dresses and high heels. Your coffee break experience is enhanced with a sexy aftertaste! And how to make things even more visually interesting? These coffee shops’ counters are bottomless: you have the counter top you use as a regular table, but there is nothing below that. It’s all clear for you to lure at the waitresses’ curves and fantasize with every sip. Christina Hendricks would be a killer add to Cafe Haiti or Cafe Caribe in Santiago… I can just tell!

Your average Cafe con Piernas. Photo by Luciana Lima. Source:

Your average Cafe con Piernas. Photo by Luciana Lima. Source:

We’re not talking about a night clubs or strippers’ joints of any sort. This is not a terribly explicit sex inspired place (although some Cafe con Piernas joints have taken things further, adopting the bikini as work uniform – we didn’t see any of this out in the open in the main streets of Santiago though). The most common Cafe con Piernas coffee shops have regular working hours, in the most popular streets, making the day a little warmer for Chileans with a taste for… hummm… coffee? Men, yes, mostly men of a certain age. But not only. A lot of ladies visit these coffee shops too, as they would visit any other establishment. It is that common.

We visited one of these cafes in Santiago and enjoyed a strong cup of coffee, served with a tasty chocolate and a bittersweet smile. Most customers behave, while others stare in slightly uncomfortable ways that waitresses have probably gotten used to by now or that are worthy when tipping time comes around.

And some Chileans still think their country is quite conservative. Really? At a fist glance one doesn’t get that impression at all!

Featured photo courtesy of Robyn Lee on Flickr

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