Luxury in Lonavala

How to Have a Luxury Travel Experience in Lonavala

Thanks to the fine weather of the hill station of Lonavala that this place has become one of the most popular tourist places in Maharashtra. With the luxurious 5-star hotels in Lonavala gaining such a huge popularity over the years, Lonavala has become a paradise when it comes to spending a weekend in the lap of the Sahyadris. The scenic beauty assisted by the top-class amenities in Lonavala indeed makes this place one of the most treasured places nowadays and, thus, if you are planning to have a luxurious travel experience but you do not many days to spare, Lonavala is just the right place for you to visit.


Enjoy a Long Drive

What can be more comfortable than a long drive down the busy highway on a fine morning? Moreover, what can be better than listening to your favorite music and taking continuous glances at your watch to count the number of minutes left to reach Lonavala while the air conditioning system sweeps your perspiration away? So, you can begin the luxurious trip to Lonavala by embarking on a long drive with your loved ones.


Experience the Definition of Luxury at Resorts

Resort in Lonavala

Resort in Lonavala

Because of the immense popularity of Lonavala, this hill station has witnessed the construction of heaven. With so many resorts and 5-star hotels in Lonavala ready to greet the tourists in the best way possible, hospitality can be best experienced in the heart of this hill station. As you walk into the lobby of these 5-star hotels in Lonavala, your stay in paradise will begin. Once there, you can dive into the sparkling and crystal-clear swimming pools, carry out your fitness routines at the well-equipped gymnasium, rinse your weariness away at the grand spas, spend a gala evening at the music shows and party all night at the spectacular clubs. Moreover, if you book your stay at these hotels through the leading travel agencies like Yatra, you can even get a discount!


Feed Your Growing Hunger

A meal with a view at Lonavala
A meal with a view at Lonavala

It is impossible to enjoy a trip without satisfying your squeaking stomach, right? Moreover, if you are visiting Lonavala, you don’t have to worry about looking for the true companion of your stomach, that is, delicious food. At the 5 star hotels in Lonavala, you will be served delicious food. When you sit down to eat, you just need to wish, and the food would literally appear out of thin air (just to enhance your imagination!) because the efficient chefs at the multi-cuisine 5-star restaurants would leave no stone unturned at serving your favorite dishes whenever you feel like having a hearty meal. Plus, the tangy mocktails and cocktails served at the counter of the luxurious pubs of the 5-star hotels in Lonavala would definitely sweep you off your feet as you dance with the lip-smacking drinks in your hand and have a blast!


Shop at the Antique Stores

Lonavala has got a number of stores that keep an outstanding stock of antiques and traditional pieces of art. When you visit Lonavala, you will feel compelled to bring back the memories of your trip in the form of souvenirs. So, you can walk into these antique shops and choose the unique items that can adorn your house to the fullest. Moreover, these traditional shops store some unique gift items that you can purchase so that, after you reach home, you can send out the gifts to all the people whom you had missed during your trip to the heavenly kingdom of Lonavala.


So, you can gladly see that Lonavala has an abundance of luxurious facilities that you can indulge in. Though all of you might not be able to buy the entire hill station for your own asset, yet, you can definitely enjoy the lavish environment of this region and enjoy this Yatra of yours to the fullest.

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