Mother Dairy in Dwarka, Delhi

HOLY COW… it’s a self-service milk machine!

One of the funny things about Delhi (and believe me, there are plenty of others!) is that this city is somehow a mix of modernity and rustic feeling. Many things make you feel like you’re indeed in the 21st century, while some others reminisce of simpler times.

Although you can buy milk in bags and tetra packs anywhere around the city, getting fresh milk directly poured into your own bottle, is still a very common practice around here. There are milk men that come and deliver fresh milk early morning door by door (we get packaged milk everyday too) but you can get your own supply by approaching little milk vending stores, such as the ones that belong to the famous brand Mother Dairy.

Until recently, you’d take your bottle to the store, pay for the liters you needed and they’d fill it up for you. But these days, some of these stores have become self service! So instead of having someone filling the bottle for you, you pay, get a token, insert the token in the machine and let the milk flow!


Step 1:

Place your bucket, insert the token, and watch the milk pour down.

Getting fresh milk in 3 easy steps!

Getting fresh milk in 3 easy steps!


Step 2:

Look cute and take a bicycle ride back home!

And your milk and hitch a ride back home

Take your milk and hitch a ride back home


Elders and kids mix in the queue to get some love from Mother Dairy. And as I observe this scene with a village like feeling, I can’t almost remember I am in the middle of New Delhi.


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  • Anita Catita Says

    i love the way you used the photos to tell this story. and is that Ashray waiting in the queue?

    • Zara Says

      And yes, that’s Ashray getting us some ice-cream: they sell milk, yogurt and ice-cream too!

  • Irina Says

    Very cool! So is it an actual non-pasteurized milk from a cow? Or do they still perform the “magic” beforehand?

    • Zara Says

      It’s toned milk (fresh milk + powder milk), but still pasteurized!
      It tastes good, but rather fatty!.. tons of cream on top when you warm it up and it starts cooling down.

  • How lovely. It saves on recycling – maybe this is the future :-)

    • Zara Says

      I wish this was the future, but this is probably the past.. even in India, more people are getting milk in packages each day. Modern day conveniences!

  • Hawk Says

    It’s good way.. even morning or evening walk for people..
    And one more thing here we are not using or buying plastic bag for milk..
    We bring our own storage jar and fill.. better way to reduce plastic in daily life.. even if we get this kinda machine everywhere in city than we can reduce more plastic..

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