Isla Mujeres' crystal clear waters

We’ve got secrets that can’t leave Cancun…

This video is not for those who are into white snowy Christmas!…


The Riviera Maya is a beautiful place. Beyond luxurious resorts, world-class facilities and everything else the world of tourism creates to feed its needs, there is endless natural beauty that one can enjoy all year round!

This is one of the cases in which the photos of the magazines and travel agency flyers don’t lie. The water in the Caribbean Sea outside the coast of Mexico is indeed blue and the sand is smooth and floury white!

And it’s not all about the beach only! There are amazing sinkholes (“cenotes”) where you can swim and dive… there is Mexican food to enjoy (and spicy up your life!) and there are super friendly local people that will give you a more real feel of the place. If you know a bit of Spanish, you will find people to chat with, for sure!


Riviera Maya:

you should come here at least once in your lifetime!


This video contains footage taken in Isla Mujeres and Playa del Carmen.

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