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Get us to send your loved ones a postcard

That’s right! You can now get us to send your loved ones (or yourself you dirty narcissist :P) a postcard from somewhere special in the world!! That’s right, we will WRITE YOUR POSTCARD(s) AND MAIL IT TO YOUR LOVED ONES!

Here’s how it works:

  • Send us a donation via Paypal. It can be ANY amount. Even $0.01 is cool but we might tell your loved ones that you’re cheap ;)
  • While making the donation, please put in the exact message you’d like us to write out, and the address that you’d like the postcard sent to.
  • To get an idea of where your postcard is going to go out from, you can check out our travel map.
  • That’s all! We’ll send you an email when your postcard is sent out along with a picture of it!
  • You shall be eternally appreciated by us and your recipient for your awesome thoughtfulness.

Remember, it can be any amount but we recommend at-least $5 since we choose, buy, write, and mail your postcard. Plus, we sprinkle it with love =)

Click on the donate button below and then:

Step 1 for Paypal

Step 1 for Paypal

Step 2 for Paypal

Step 2 for Paypal

Done! I’m ready to send some LOVE!

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